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Why fix it now?

A leaking roof is the most obvious sign that it's time to get a new roof, but it's hardly the only one. Many of these signs will lead to more issues than just a leaking roof. Identifying these problems early enough not only prevents water damage but also saves you more money than you probably realize. This intervention can make the difference between repairing your roof and replacing your roof.

Only homeowners that have experienced the angst of wet attic insulation, drywall, and heaved flooring know what cost and misery the renovation incurs. We've been to homes where water destroyed ceilings, walls and floors on 2 levels! Even a small leak can cause severe damage. When moisture gets into the insulation it can develop mold and mildew that spreads to the drywall and the wood structure of your home. It can short out your electrical outlets and some have had damage done to their pictures, furniture, and the rest of their home contents.

Rotted roof structures can double the cost of a new roof installation if the damage hasn't yet penetrated the home. It might be as simple as a roof tune-up or satellitedishcanada.com
adding a vent to add years to your roof. Check our roof guide to inspect your own roof and find out what you can do yourself to save from much expense down the road. Thousands of dollars in damage can be occurring above your head as we speak, the biggest problem being that most people are not aware of the common symptoms of a failing roof until it’s already too late. All this aggravation, stress, and damage can be avoided with the right roofing solution.

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CVH Roofing can service London, Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph, Waterloo and most of Southern Ontario. We do gutter cleaning and gutter guard installations in Kitchener and London Ontario.

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