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How to Get A New Roof

Roofing Process | How to Get New Roof

1. Consider
Gregory or Vasile will drop by to show you what options you can consider as far as material if you haven’t already decided using our products page. We will also leave you with a price quotation, and explain how you can compare it to at least 2 other roofing company quotes. The main differences will be the products we offer, our track record (we have covered over 500 roofs from  Sarnia to Guelph), our level of service (Unmatched Roofing Warranty), and the value we offer (some of the best pricing you’ll receive anywhere).

2. Commence
We try to work in a way that ensures you, your family, and your neighbors are not effected in any negative way by the roofing process. We are committed to ensuring your safety and ours, with a safety record of 100%. Most roof installation projects are completed within 2 days. During the work process, thousands of pounds of old roofing material will be removed from your roof and is hauled away with our trailer on the first day. The roof is prepared, and then the new shingles are installed.

3. Clean & Inspect
Proper clean-up is essential. At the end of each work day, your property will be as clean as before we started, paying extra attention to any nails or dangerous objects lurking in the grass or walkways. We magnetically rake these areas for nails. The roof is inspected after completion by one of the principals at CVH.

Your roof is now complete. Congratulate yourself! You can feel confident knowing CVH Roofing installed your roof with every measure available to ensure the best workmanship possible. A Re/Max study has shown that the return on investment on a new roof is greater than most other renovations such as a new bathroom! Your new roof is sound and guarantee.

CVH is a Roofing Company that does roof inspection and roof installation in London, Sarnia, Woodstock, Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo, Wellesley, and Guelph.

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