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Lifetime (50 year) Roofing Shingle Selection

Achieve the slate look shingle with better value than metal roofing! You do the math.

Doing a cost-benefit analysis, assuming interest, and energy cost savings with metal roofs ($80 / year maximum on a large house in ideal conditions) you can replace “Lifetime” shingles three times (at 15, 30, and 45 years) and the aluminum roof does not become more cost-effective until year 45 at the third replacement. Realistically, Lifetime shingles should last around 35-45 years in our area; so there is little chance that you’ll be roofing your home more than once. Ask any real estate agent or appraiser; they can not define a higher home price in typical sale benefit with metal roofs. As far as looks, most metal roofs are downright ugly – but we’re a little biased (slate look shingle is only the start in colours, textures and shape options). There are endless styles of lifetime shingles by GAF, Certainteed and CRC we can install (peek at the home pictured above we roofed in London with Camelot by GAF). The photo above taken in London, Ontario shows shingles are what we carry in stock and are the lowest cost to install due to shingle size and supply. Check them out!

Click for color selection and specs

Click for color selection and specs

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